Tapestry is coming at a perfect time” John Ohanian, director of development for the Texas-based Terra Verde group, said. Located in southeastern Hesperia, the 15,663-unit community is set to include two town centers, eight elementary schools, two middle and high schools, a post office, library, fire and police stations, 390 acres of parks, 109 miles of trails and thousands of acres of open-space upon completion.

At a time when nearly half of the United States isn’t producing enough housing to keep up with growing demand, there is a need for new homes in California and more specifically San Bernardino County. Expected to break ground during the first quarter of 2019, Tapestry will not only provide more housing for residents of the area but also will give many locals the opportunity for work while the construction is being done.

Located in the Mojave River Valley, Tapestry will be the first community whose homes will use solar energy and recycled water! The community will use non-potable water from its water-treatment facility to irrigate parks, schools, and other sites. At Tapestry, the air is cleaner, the water is fresher, and the views are bigger!

Learn more about Tapestry’s approval, HERE